Thursday, March 24, 2011

war...a solution or disaster???

the most word that people around the world are always care about...WAR!!!!!

there are so many war are happening over the world right now....and i have been tired to heard so many people are died because of this war...what is exactly the purpose to go to war or having a war..some will said..war is needed to make a better future..and others will said war is to wash up the sin of the people, and maybe other will said, war is needed to show our strength so that the others will frightened with us and respect us..

what a lame reason!!!
did they know..a war make so many people die and many children lost their parent n the folks lost their home just because of wat that some of us think that war is a holy job to clean a mess in this world...

and war also show us that we as human, have a very lack of leadership to manage this world..every strong country are racing to developed a new super weapon to show their enemy that their are stronger and can not be defeated...this money that are using to developed the weapon, they can used it to the better use for their country... as a new generation of a leader...
everyone of us!!!
say NO to war..
say Peace!!!!

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