Thursday, March 24, 2011

shrek on the field!!!!

on the field??

what is this??
actually..shrek on the field are refer to the greatest, fiercest,rudest and ugliest striker in the world..


he was born on 24 ocotber 1985 in England.Aged 9, Rooney joined the youth team of Everton for whom he made his professional debut in 2002. He spent two seasons at the Everton club, before moving to Manchester United for £25.6 million in the 2004 summer transfer window. Since  cup with Rooney in the team. He has
also been awarded the PFA footballer player in 200 8 and the FWA footballer player in 2009–10. 

Wayne Rooney have become my favourite player because of his talent and love for football. he can score from any angle and can make a very powerful shot that can make a goal keeper piss on theirs pants..haha.. even he have some bad manners on the field. but it is ok for me because for me all the drama make the football game become special and more interesting than other sport in the world. beside that, he play for the greatest club in the world. MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!. that make me become more and more fanatics with him.. for me, no other striker can beat him in any aspect!!!!

go go wayne rooney!!!! 

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