Friday, March 25, 2011

A Positive Thing that I'm Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is...

Hmm. Week 7’s blog assignment is pretty interesting. Why? Because it’s vague and general! And we all know the vagueness and generalness will enable to free our imaginations! Hehehehe. >XD The topic was about a positive thing that I will be doing during my mid-semester break. A positive thing. One positive thing. Just one. Yeah! Hahahahaha!

Er… anyways, the one and most obvious positive thing that I will be doing this coming break is definitely finishing up and completing all my due assignments! Then I won’t have to think about anything else during the holidays! If I somehow manage to complete them all quickly, that is. Procrastination is a common problem for everyone, isn’t it? ;P

That said, I think I pretty much answered the topic of this blog. Unless, if my tech. comm. lecturer would accept in me giving more than one positive thing that I will be doing this coming mid-semester break, I’ll gladly say: studying for my subjects after finishing up all my homework. No kidding! I’ll do that. I know sounds geeky, nerdy, deceptive and all, but at least I have the intention. Whether I do it or not is another story. >XD I’ll scrap up enough willpower to do that. Somehow. :PP

Finally, before I go, I’d like to thank my tech. comm.. lecturer, Ms. Syerina, for giving such a fun topic this week. Hehehehehe. Toodles, everyone! Till we meet again in the next post!

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