Thursday, March 24, 2011

nuclear disaster!!!

everyone know....
Japan just have their nightmare...
a earthquake in 9.0 ritcher and a a 30 feet wall of a tsunami..
the economy drop for an instant..
a real disaster for a country like Japan...
but the more serious and a really concern right now is a leakage of radiation at Fukushima..
one of the nuclear reactor are malfunctioned and release a radiation that the effect can be unimaginable to us..
if this problem, Japan can't get through well and solve this problem with the most affective solution and think fast...
the effect will not be feel in Japan only..all over the world will feel the effect of this radiation..
we know that, this radiation will not take effect in a short time...but for a long time period..the effect will be shown on our next generation..are you ready to see the next generation suffered just because our wrong did..

for me...this disaster is actually a sign..
a sign to a people who are forgot..
a sign to people who are greed..
a sign to world..
out there still have something that are stronger than us!!!

we must think and prepare, so for the future this kind of disaster will not be happened again..take note all!!!!

Japan!!!we know u can survive again..

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