Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Leaders are Not Born, They are Made.

Great leaders are NOT born, they are MADE.

Yeah, I definitely agree with this statement, ladies and gentlemen. Oh! I almost forgot. Welcome again to my blog, my friends! Thank you for loyally sticking around. :P Continuing on with the topic that we will be discussing about today, about leaders. I mean, great leaders.

I repeat, great leaders. Logically, do you think great leaders would be born just like that? For me, I don’t really think so. Great leaders are nurtured. Yes, in this case, it’s nurture over nature. I don’t think Barack H. Obama would be the man he is today if he never attended any school or received any form of education. And it’s really funny if you think about it! Just sitting at home, sleeping and eating, knowing that one day you’ll be a great leader… yeah, a pretty awesome daydream.

Sorry, my fellow, dearest audience, I think this week’s blog will be shorter than usual, since the topic doesn’t pose much of a challenge for us to argue about. But the topic was great nonetheless! (Please don’t punish me for being honest, Ms. Syerina! L )

Oh, and before I end this week’s post, I’d like to give all you an advice, if any of you want to be a great leader in future, work for it. Don’t wait around or just order people around. That you’re just ACTING as a leader. Be A leader. Not ACT as a leader. Till then, everyone! ;)

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