Friday, March 25, 2011

Birth Order Trait

I’ve been pondering about the above topic for quite a while, actually. It’s a welcomed coincidence that suddenly my tech. comm. lecturer suddenly thought about posting this topic as one of our blog assignment. What luck! J Anyways, continuing on with the topic, I’ll start by explaining to you about birth order trait.

‘Birth order trait’. Three words. Birth means production, or the coming of a new individual or object into our world, Earth. Order is organization, how things are managed. Trait is more like characteristic, or the way how the characters of certain individuals are preordained. So when we combine these  three words, what could we grasp? For me, it is an order of how younglings in any of nature’s creations obtain their natural traits. Narrowing the scope to only human subjects, an example, as stated in the question, is that the eldest child usually will be smart, and more caring about the other siblings. Meanwhile, the youngest tend to be very dependant towards others.

I think I would have to disagree with the research. This is because these so-called naturally obtained traits, preordained from birth seem a bit far off. Of course the youngest sibling would tend to be dependant towards others, since they are the youngest, so therefore they would have mentors in the form of his or her older siblings that would, obviously, help their younger brother or sister to learn about life. Unless they don’t care about that youngest child, in which that youngest child would grow to be independent. Which also, still proves the research to be wrong and causing me to simply answer this topic with, “I think it has more to with genetics instead the order of which an offspring is born!”

Also, on a personal level, I’d consider myself to a bit (if not a lot) smarter than my elder sisters (I’m the eldest son, so that means no older bro! >XD ) so yeah, the research is disapproved, and if there really is something such as ‘birth order trait’, then it would mostly have something to do with genetics! GENETICS! Till next week my brother and sisters, adios amigos! :D

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