Friday, March 25, 2011

what is broadcasting??

literally it can be defined as the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience via radio, television or other digital media...

the original term broadcast referred to the literal sowing of seeds on farms by scattering them over a wide was first adopted by early radio engineer from the Midwestern United States to refer to the analogue dissemination of radio signals..

with this technology...all people over the world can communicate each other easier and information or news  can be delivered faster...with this, we can see a World Cup or a disaster around the world easily..

thanks to the technology..we have a better life now and we can save most our time to do something that will give more benefit to us..

things you should not do after have a meal

    do not smoke!!!
         when you smoke after having a meal .the chance you will get a cancer is 10 more higher than usual..

don't walk too much
  with walk too much, we will disturb the digestion of food in our stomach...then we will face a stomachache

dont sleep
if we sleep just after we having a meal...our digestion process will be not done properly and will cause a gastric if often..

dont eat fruit..
we should not eat fruit just after eating because it will make your tummy become full of air..

5th.. should not just read this fact and did not take any guys should spread this to your friends for a better health for everyone...

The Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side of the Fence

"The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence."

Something I used to always hear when people mumble about the disadvantages on their part, or while looking at the enjoyment other people are having. Well, not the actual sentence, but a statement quite similar to the one above.

Where ‘one above’ refers to the topic of this week’s blog! Are you excited, boys and girls? Are you excited to have a topic that much interesting? I am! >XD OK, enough Barney the purple dinosaur, lets move on to the topic at hand.

From my opinion, I think the grass will ALWAYS ‘seem’ greener on the other side of the fence. Yeah, it’s a bit of paraphrasing. @_@ Anyways, what I’m trying to say is when we are in a unfavourable situation, or a situation that we aren’t comfortable with, we tend to look into the negative side of things and have negative thoughts. For example, a boy got low marks on a recent test. Because of this he was forced to attend additional classes to improve his performance. Due to this, when he attends the classes, he will not be able to have fun with his other friends who scored better in the test and therefore didn’t need to join the additional classes. The boy finds the classes terribly boring and lead him to think that it would be better to have a brain like one of his friends who didn’t have to attend the additional classes like him. (This example has nothing to do with the living or the deceased.)

As human beings, we cant escape from having ill, indifferent and varying thoughts. To put it simply, it is part of being a human. We will always think that the grass is green on the other side when we are having a difficult time. Have we ever thought like that when we are having a superbly fun time doing something? No, right? 

Because it’s all in the mind. Therefore, please allow to give one suggestion: whatever hardships we go through, no matter how bitter, always think that ‘in every dark cloud there’s a silver lining’ instead of some greener grass on some side. ;) There’s even a saying in Malay culture about this topic. It’s (very) rough translation would sound like this: “Gold raining in other people’s places, rocks raining in our own place, our place’s better.” Yeah, it sounds tremendously ridiculous, but I think despite the ridiculousness, you smart readers will be able to ‘get’ what it means, yeah? ;D

Finally, you might have noticed that this week’s blog post is a bit longer than normal. This is because this is the last guided blog assignment that we, me and Afiq, will have to do. So we thought we’d write this blog post a bit longer as a show of appreciation. Yes, it’s a pity, but it has been a very enjoying experience nonetheless. We would like to thank you readers from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us to the end! Thank you Ms. Syerina for giving us a super fun assignment to do every week! No, we really mean it! >XDD THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE! TILL WE MEET AGAIN IN THE FUTURE! SAYONARA!

A Positive Thing that I'm Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is...

Hmm. Week 7’s blog assignment is pretty interesting. Why? Because it’s vague and general! And we all know the vagueness and generalness will enable to free our imaginations! Hehehehe. >XD The topic was about a positive thing that I will be doing during my mid-semester break. A positive thing. One positive thing. Just one. Yeah! Hahahahaha!

Er… anyways, the one and most obvious positive thing that I will be doing this coming break is definitely finishing up and completing all my due assignments! Then I won’t have to think about anything else during the holidays! If I somehow manage to complete them all quickly, that is. Procrastination is a common problem for everyone, isn’t it? ;P

That said, I think I pretty much answered the topic of this blog. Unless, if my tech. comm. lecturer would accept in me giving more than one positive thing that I will be doing this coming mid-semester break, I’ll gladly say: studying for my subjects after finishing up all my homework. No kidding! I’ll do that. I know sounds geeky, nerdy, deceptive and all, but at least I have the intention. Whether I do it or not is another story. >XD I’ll scrap up enough willpower to do that. Somehow. :PP

Finally, before I go, I’d like to thank my tech. comm.. lecturer, Ms. Syerina, for giving such a fun topic this week. Hehehehehe. Toodles, everyone! Till we meet again in the next post!

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because...

Students must vote during the Students’ election because… they are forced to do so. :P Well, that was actually my case, honestly. Hehehehe. I think if I wasn’t forced to vote during the Students’ election right after a certain class (information about this is withheld as to involve too many parties. :PP ) I wouldn’t vote at all. Anyways, that’s MY story. We are going to talk about THE topic. Not MY story. >XD

Proceeding on… I think, on a professional level, yes, students really should vote during a Students’ election. This is because the purpose of the students’ election is to select the rightful and most trusted students that will represent the majority of the students and form the Students’ Representative Council. If there is no one to vote, then there would be no such council! Even if a council was still to be formed, the members would definitely be elected in so many other ways, such as self-election, dictation and vetoed suggestions. This pretty much doesn’t reflect our democratic country.

Also, the Students’ Representative Council is, obviously, a representative of the students. Therefore, they are obliged to protect and help preserve the rights of the students. So do we want people who we don’t trust to protect our rights? For all I know, the wrong choice might lead us students to have our rights manipulated and thrown around. And I don’t like that. I don’t think anyone in their right minds would like that either. Hence, the logic choice is to wholly select someone or several individuals that we trust to help protect our rights.

So the bottom-line is, yes, students should vote during the Students’ election. It’s for our rights. Don’t complain about having extremely dirty toilets if you didn’t even do your part to select a person to protect our rights. VOTE, students! VOTE FOR YOUR RIGHTS! This is Nik Hisham and Afiq Hamdan from calling upon other students and himself to vote! (without being forced to do so! >XDD )

Till then, everyone! ;D

Great Leaders are Not Born, They are Made.

Great leaders are NOT born, they are MADE.

Yeah, I definitely agree with this statement, ladies and gentlemen. Oh! I almost forgot. Welcome again to my blog, my friends! Thank you for loyally sticking around. :P Continuing on with the topic that we will be discussing about today, about leaders. I mean, great leaders.

I repeat, great leaders. Logically, do you think great leaders would be born just like that? For me, I don’t really think so. Great leaders are nurtured. Yes, in this case, it’s nurture over nature. I don’t think Barack H. Obama would be the man he is today if he never attended any school or received any form of education. And it’s really funny if you think about it! Just sitting at home, sleeping and eating, knowing that one day you’ll be a great leader… yeah, a pretty awesome daydream.

Sorry, my fellow, dearest audience, I think this week’s blog will be shorter than usual, since the topic doesn’t pose much of a challenge for us to argue about. But the topic was great nonetheless! (Please don’t punish me for being honest, Ms. Syerina! L )

Oh, and before I end this week’s post, I’d like to give all you an advice, if any of you want to be a great leader in future, work for it. Don’t wait around or just order people around. That you’re just ACTING as a leader. Be A leader. Not ACT as a leader. Till then, everyone! ;)

Birth Order Trait

I’ve been pondering about the above topic for quite a while, actually. It’s a welcomed coincidence that suddenly my tech. comm. lecturer suddenly thought about posting this topic as one of our blog assignment. What luck! J Anyways, continuing on with the topic, I’ll start by explaining to you about birth order trait.

‘Birth order trait’. Three words. Birth means production, or the coming of a new individual or object into our world, Earth. Order is organization, how things are managed. Trait is more like characteristic, or the way how the characters of certain individuals are preordained. So when we combine these  three words, what could we grasp? For me, it is an order of how younglings in any of nature’s creations obtain their natural traits. Narrowing the scope to only human subjects, an example, as stated in the question, is that the eldest child usually will be smart, and more caring about the other siblings. Meanwhile, the youngest tend to be very dependant towards others.

I think I would have to disagree with the research. This is because these so-called naturally obtained traits, preordained from birth seem a bit far off. Of course the youngest sibling would tend to be dependant towards others, since they are the youngest, so therefore they would have mentors in the form of his or her older siblings that would, obviously, help their younger brother or sister to learn about life. Unless they don’t care about that youngest child, in which that youngest child would grow to be independent. Which also, still proves the research to be wrong and causing me to simply answer this topic with, “I think it has more to with genetics instead the order of which an offspring is born!”

Also, on a personal level, I’d consider myself to a bit (if not a lot) smarter than my elder sisters (I’m the eldest son, so that means no older bro! >XD ) so yeah, the research is disapproved, and if there really is something such as ‘birth order trait’, then it would mostly have something to do with genetics! GENETICS! Till next week my brother and sisters, adios amigos! :D

Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?

"Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?"
Hello everyone! It’s been long since I wrote in this blog. I don’t know about my friend, Afiq, but I think I should improve my time management skills. L Anyways, relating back to the main topic, on whether we should of should not provide monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades.

First of all, I’d like to state that I have no such experience of being a KP2 student. I shall try my best to not to be biased in this matter. What I understand about KP2 students is that students who are in the KP2 group is that if they still don’t improve their grades to get at least the passing grade, they will be considered ‘failed and out’, or FO. This means they will no longer have the chance to pursue their studies in their current university.

Enough with the definitions and explanations, I would like to express my opinions about the topic. Well, from my perspective I think that it’s a bit unfair for other students who do better than them. I mean, come on, getting money for increasing your grades about or more than the passing level? While getting money for getting excellent and above average grades is logical enough, getting money to improve your grades after causing your grades to drop below passing level seems absurd. By doing this, wouldn’t that tempt some individuals to purposely cause their grades and then improve them? Because doing that is certainly much easier than working very hard for excellent grades.

I think that’s all for now. I wouldn’t want to babble to much on this topic. Might hit a nerve! :P Anyhow, thank you so much for reading! Wait for my next post!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

nuclear disaster!!!

everyone know....
Japan just have their nightmare...
a earthquake in 9.0 ritcher and a a 30 feet wall of a tsunami..
the economy drop for an instant..
a real disaster for a country like Japan...
but the more serious and a really concern right now is a leakage of radiation at Fukushima..
one of the nuclear reactor are malfunctioned and release a radiation that the effect can be unimaginable to us..
if this problem, Japan can't get through well and solve this problem with the most affective solution and think fast...
the effect will not be feel in Japan only..all over the world will feel the effect of this radiation..
we know that, this radiation will not take effect in a short time...but for a long time period..the effect will be shown on our next generation..are you ready to see the next generation suffered just because our wrong did..

for me...this disaster is actually a sign..
a sign to a people who are forgot..
a sign to people who are greed..
a sign to world..
out there still have something that are stronger than us!!!

we must think and prepare, so for the future this kind of disaster will not be happened again..take note all!!!!

Japan!!!we know u can survive again..

war...a solution or disaster???

the most word that people around the world are always care about...WAR!!!!!

there are so many war are happening over the world right now....and i have been tired to heard so many people are died because of this war...what is exactly the purpose to go to war or having a war..some will said..war is needed to make a better future..and others will said war is to wash up the sin of the people, and maybe other will said, war is needed to show our strength so that the others will frightened with us and respect us..

what a lame reason!!!
did they know..a war make so many people die and many children lost their parent n the folks lost their home just because of wat that some of us think that war is a holy job to clean a mess in this world...

and war also show us that we as human, have a very lack of leadership to manage this world..every strong country are racing to developed a new super weapon to show their enemy that their are stronger and can not be defeated...this money that are using to developed the weapon, they can used it to the better use for their country... as a new generation of a leader...
everyone of us!!!
say NO to war..
say Peace!!!!

shrek on the field!!!!

on the field??

what is this??
actually..shrek on the field are refer to the greatest, fiercest,rudest and ugliest striker in the world..


he was born on 24 ocotber 1985 in England.Aged 9, Rooney joined the youth team of Everton for whom he made his professional debut in 2002. He spent two seasons at the Everton club, before moving to Manchester United for £25.6 million in the 2004 summer transfer window. Since  cup with Rooney in the team. He has
also been awarded the PFA footballer player in 200 8 and the FWA footballer player in 2009–10. 

Wayne Rooney have become my favourite player because of his talent and love for football. he can score from any angle and can make a very powerful shot that can make a goal keeper piss on theirs pants..haha.. even he have some bad manners on the field. but it is ok for me because for me all the drama make the football game become special and more interesting than other sport in the world. beside that, he play for the greatest club in the world. MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!. that make me become more and more fanatics with him.. for me, no other striker can beat him in any aspect!!!!

go go wayne rooney!!!! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

lover or friend??

easy question to you???
what will you answer if you had this question...
everyone will be in very deep serious problem if you answered wrongly..

lover= some one that you want to live with in future

friends= some one that will walk with you along your journey in your life

hard decision right??
but believe true friend can not be compare with one lover..
lover can be find again of we lost her/him , but can we get a same friends twice??
thought of the your friends, and love will come to you..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello, everyone! We meet again in this blog! This week, we were given the task to write about 1 free topic and another guided topic, which went by the question, 'what would you do if you had all the power in the world?' But it looks like my friend Afiq had the topic first before me! Never fear, though... I still have some aces, or should I say topics, up my sleeve! So enough waiting... this week I'll be showing you all a sample of an essay. Not just any essay, it will be a guided essay! ;) Here's the questions for that essay:

[Start of questions.]
You have been nominated as a SIFE student ambassador for your university. So let us know:

1) What kind of contribution and efforts you have done for your team and SIFE?
2) What other contributions that you can offer if you are selected as the student ambassador?
[End of questions.]

Hence, here is a sample essay on how I answered those questions:

[Start of sample essay.]
Hello, my name is Nik Hisham bin Nik Ismail Azlan and I’m from the Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology (UniKL MICET) SIFE team. I am currently one of the Program Managers of the team.

First of all, you have asked me what I have done for my university’s SIFE team. Let me be honest with SIFE Malaysia. I’m only in my second semester here and as you may have guessed, I am a new member. However, that does not mean my contribution is proportional with my fresh participation. As soon as I was accepted as a member of my university’s SIFE team, I was involved in the current Orang Asli project, where I was able to share my ideas like how to approach the orang asli and such, based from my experience. (I will explain more about my past experiences at the end of this essay, as I don’t want to digress.) I was also involved in the field trip to the orang asli’s village for both research and data collecting, and execution of projects. Recently, (near the end of the last semester, to be exact.) my university’s SIFE team organized ‘Techno Day’ which is similar to an ‘Open Day’, and was participated by the university’s students. It was successful and is now recognized by the university to be held annually. I was in charge of the organization and students’ participation. Now, as I have explained to you previously, I have been given task of succeeding and continuing the Orang Asli project and currently planning out everything we will be carrying out this semester with my newly elected committee.

For your next question, which is ‘what other possible contributions that I can give if elected a student ambassador’ is that, to put it simply, I can pretty much do almost everything and therefore contribute a lot of things. I don’t mean this in a prideful or boastful manner, but by personality, I like to try new things. I have done so many exciting things in my life, from jungle trekking alone to being a promoter for my friend’s uncle’s tuition services during the holidays, stuff that normal people wouldn’t even bother to do. To be honest, why I’m saying all these things instead of directly answering your question about ‘what I can contribute’ is because I can’t possibly imagine what I can contribute to SIFE Malaysia, as I’m not clear about what you people want at the moment! But be rest assured, I am prepared to be molded into anything, and I am prepared to contribute as much as SIFE Malaysia deems possible. I am willing to learn new things, and volunteer for anything that help makes this world a better place.

Which is why (in reference to my last sentence in the previous paragraph) I will now explain a bit about my past experience. I’m sorry, I know SIFE Malaysia didn’t ask for this part, but I’ll make sure it won’t be a waste of your time to read this. Since secondary school, I have been very interested in lending aid to people both inside and outside my community. I have dreamed to make the world a better place despite all the damage and misery that is being done. My recent highest participation in humanitarian aid (international level) is a humanitarian aid project held at Jogjakarta, Indonesia, which was done during my foundation study years. The project was called ‘FISH FOR LIFE 3’. Progressing on, that is how I came to join my university’s SIFE team. In the early days before my participation, I saw SIFE as an organization that helps people in many terms and ways, be it financially, educationally or physically. That is why I chose to join my university’s SIFE team. As time passes by, I learned that it also teaches me about business and economy, which is a big bonus for me, being a chemical engineering undergraduate. Nonetheless, it hasn’t deterred my motive of helping and lending aid to others. I really look forward to what I can contribute to the world on a larger scale and being a student ambassador for SIFE Malaysia would be a very good stepping stone.

Thank you very much.
[End of sample essay.]

So there we have it! If you have any inquiries and comments about my sample essay, please feel free to PM me or use the comment box below. Also, let me remind you that the article above is copyrighted to me and legal actions will be taken in case it is misused. That's all for this week, folks! Till next week, stay tuned! :D

If i could rule the world...i would..

if i could rule the world..i would... many things i want to do if i really have the power to rule the world...
both of good n bad idea have in my head right now...hehe..
but for sure i will rule the world only with the good things..
first of all...i will sweep away all the meaningless war,civil war or any kind of war from the surface of our beloved planet... EARTH!!
could you all imagine the world without war??
the world without conflict...
the world without blood spill..
the world without starving...
the world without disease cause from bio weapon..
the world without hatred...
the world full with love, full with kindness, full with care..

owh...if all of them can really exist in this world..
the korean will not be divided by two idealisme and will be known just as Korea not South Korea and North Korea like now..
and kids at Somalia may go to school and become a doctor..
and each youngsters at Palestine may have a laptop rather than carry an AK47 on their shoulder..
and also peoples at Afghanistan and Iraq can sleep well at night without worrying their house will be bomb by B21..

war did not bring any good to the world....the benefit is only goes for the one who start the war..but believe me..this kind of person is really a coward person..they will  ask their soldier go to the war zone and fight for themand tell them that they are fighting for a justice and them will sit at their table n eat luxurious dinner with their stingy corporate friends who sponsored the war. While their soldier are dying,hungy, and  have to kill or be killed just want to survive at the world's hell that been created by their animal like leader they toast a whiskey for every one of their soldier are killed..

what a nonsense scenario...really..if i have the power to rule the world..i will stop all the war, banned all the weapons and declare truce to all over the world... i will make this world become more discrimination, races hatred, starving, fear, and many more that make the world become weak...we are HUMAN..we are the CHOOSEN ONE to rule the least...we should behave to be like a true ruler..i will lead all the human to the new era where all the human are same..are equal..have the same right..and then..we will see the world that only exist in our dream become a reality in front of our own eyes..believe me..and world will become a heaven once more...hehe


Monday, January 17, 2011

My Aspirations for the Year 2011

Hello, everyone! Thank you for spending the time to come to this newly-formed blog. As you have read in the title, this blog is based on the ramblings of 2 technical communication students! Anyways, if you find this blog appealing or has the possibility to entertain you more in future, >XP feel free to follow us! Alright, time to keep on reading!

Somehow, I got the second task of my technical communication class, to blog about 'My Aspirations for the Year 2011'. (Serves me right for doing this late. Afiq is lucky, yaw! :P ) Yeah, sounds exciting, huh? I hope so, for your sake. Hahaha. Well, lets start off with the definition of 'aspiration'. Aspiration in context of what we will be talking about is:
  • a will to succeed
  • ambition: a cherished desire
But in other terms and context, aspiration could also mean:
  • a manner of articulation involving an audible release of breath
  • inhalation: the act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing
(source taken from

which we will not be talking about, since these definition is 'not in context' to what my tech. comm. lecturer wants us to discuss about. :P Also, just in case you all are still confused about what 'aspiration' is, to put it simply, it's hope or ambition. Still don't get it? Join my tech. comm. class. :PP

Thus, continuing on with the blog, what I aspire for this year, huh... I hope to improve my CGPA, or my exam results. I really hope to do well, and my concentration to achieve this goal to be unwavering. Therefore, to achieve that, I think I must:

I must 'WORK HARD & BE NICE TO PEOPLE'. :D Because even if we work hard, but are introverts and do not help other people who needs our help, then we'll be going nowhere. You can't gain success alone, and even if you do, your success will not hold any meaning since you won't be able to share it with other people. And that pretty much 'sucks', according to common language nowadays. (Please do not ask me the meaning of 'sucks' in this context, do your own research.) To put it simply, let us all work hard and be nice to people at the same time. I really want good exam results! I want to make everyone who knows me proud! My family, my friends, my financial sponsors... (not just MARA, you know. :P ) I will work really hard for it! Go, go, go NIK HISHAM! ROAAARRR! 4.0 for GPA this is semester is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

But also learn to relax, ok? Please don't take it too seriously like this:

I think that's enough rambling for one post. My lecturer will be checking this post, you know. You're not the only one reading it. She says it should be 'not too short or too long'. :P So there. (It's not that I'm lazy or anything, but to be honest, I'm pretty stumped of ideas this morning. Probably because I haven't had my breakfast yet. :P I do have other hopes, but in the meantime, lets just stick to what we always hear about. :PP ) Thank you so much for your time. Till we meet again in the next post, stay tuned! :D

p/s: I don't know what my friend's, Afiq, aspiration is for this year. :P Ask him yourself. Be polite!

Friday, January 14, 2011


raise your hand if you don't know who is the man inside that picture!!!
i'm sure all of us know who is that...TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD..our forth prime minister and probably the greatest among the great prime minister that Malaysia had since the early 1957..

yeah maybe all know what he have done when he become a prime minister of Malaysia, even people at north pole know what he have achieve at his time.. but do you really know who is he long before that??? 

yup..most of us just know Tun Dr M as our prime minister but when be ask about him before he become a politician..most of us will said..ha???common answer rite.. now i will tell a little bit of him before he become a politician.he was born at his parents' home in a poor neigbourhood of Alor Setar, Kedah  on 20 December 1925. Tun Dr. Mahathir did his early and secondary education in his home town. In 1947, he gained admission into the King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore and graduated at 1953.

then he opened a private clinic at Kedah with name MAHA CLINIC and i believe this clinic is still open for public to get treatment but of course not Tun is in there waiting for you..hehe...this clinic was become very famous among people at Kedah because of the generousity of Tun..he charged patient differently followed by the patient's background..such as, if the patient come from a poor n hard family sometimes he will give a free treatment to them..andd sometimes he will go to the village that far from town to give them a proper treatment because we know at that time, the villagers are hard to get the proper treatment at town because they did not have transport n also poor..huhu..

Tun has been active in politics since 1945. He has been a member of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) since its inception in 1946.He was first elected as a Member of Parliament following the General Elections in 1964. However, he lost his seat in the subsequent General Election in 1969. Owing to his keen interest in the country's education, he was appointed Chairman of the first Higher Education Council in 1968, Member of the Higher Education Advisory Council in 1972, Member of the University Court and University of Malaya Council, and Chairman of the National University Council in 1974 and bla3 more in politic arena until he was appointed as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia on 16 July 1981 and stepped down as Prime Minister on October 31st 2003.
and i think i didn't hv to tell what he have done as a prime minister of Malaysia because we all grown up in his time..all we know today is because of him..and i can say that we are the Tun Dr Mahathir generation and i proud of it..maybe some of us will said that they hate Tun but that is their own opinion rite...for who are agreed with me..together we read this poem and think about it..this poem was written by Tun because he really2 love all of us...

Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya dipijak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya retak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya teriak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya haprak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya kelas dua
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya hina
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya sengketa
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya derita
Melayu mudah lupa

Dulu bangsanya kerdil
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya terpencil
Melayu mudah lupa
Tiada daulat
Tiada maruah
Tiada bebas
Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Sejarah bangsanya yang lena
Tanah lahirnya yang merekah berdarah
Wahai bangsaku
Jangan mudah lupa lagi
Kerana perjuanganmu belum selesai

english translation..

Malays easily forget
Malays easily forget
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were 'tread on' by others
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were among the broken
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were crying
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were among the faggots
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were among the second class
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were insulted
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were fighting each other
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were suffering
Malays easily forget

There was a time when they were small
Malays easily forget
There was a time when they were isolated
Malays easily forget
They have no Majesty
They have no Dignity
They have no Freedom
Malays easily forget
Malays easily forget
Malays easily forget
About the history of their 'sleeping' nation
About the cracked bloody land where he was born
Forget not
Forget not
Forget not
O people of my race
Never forget again
Because your struggle is not finished yet

Thank you TUN DR MAHATHIR are a HERO for us..