Friday, March 25, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side of the Fence

"The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence."

Something I used to always hear when people mumble about the disadvantages on their part, or while looking at the enjoyment other people are having. Well, not the actual sentence, but a statement quite similar to the one above.

Where ‘one above’ refers to the topic of this week’s blog! Are you excited, boys and girls? Are you excited to have a topic that much interesting? I am! >XD OK, enough Barney the purple dinosaur, lets move on to the topic at hand.

From my opinion, I think the grass will ALWAYS ‘seem’ greener on the other side of the fence. Yeah, it’s a bit of paraphrasing. @_@ Anyways, what I’m trying to say is when we are in a unfavourable situation, or a situation that we aren’t comfortable with, we tend to look into the negative side of things and have negative thoughts. For example, a boy got low marks on a recent test. Because of this he was forced to attend additional classes to improve his performance. Due to this, when he attends the classes, he will not be able to have fun with his other friends who scored better in the test and therefore didn’t need to join the additional classes. The boy finds the classes terribly boring and lead him to think that it would be better to have a brain like one of his friends who didn’t have to attend the additional classes like him. (This example has nothing to do with the living or the deceased.)

As human beings, we cant escape from having ill, indifferent and varying thoughts. To put it simply, it is part of being a human. We will always think that the grass is green on the other side when we are having a difficult time. Have we ever thought like that when we are having a superbly fun time doing something? No, right? 

Because it’s all in the mind. Therefore, please allow to give one suggestion: whatever hardships we go through, no matter how bitter, always think that ‘in every dark cloud there’s a silver lining’ instead of some greener grass on some side. ;) There’s even a saying in Malay culture about this topic. It’s (very) rough translation would sound like this: “Gold raining in other people’s places, rocks raining in our own place, our place’s better.” Yeah, it sounds tremendously ridiculous, but I think despite the ridiculousness, you smart readers will be able to ‘get’ what it means, yeah? ;D

Finally, you might have noticed that this week’s blog post is a bit longer than normal. This is because this is the last guided blog assignment that we, me and Afiq, will have to do. So we thought we’d write this blog post a bit longer as a show of appreciation. Yes, it’s a pity, but it has been a very enjoying experience nonetheless. We would like to thank you readers from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us to the end! Thank you Ms. Syerina for giving us a super fun assignment to do every week! No, we really mean it! >XDD THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE! TILL WE MEET AGAIN IN THE FUTURE! SAYONARA!

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