Friday, March 25, 2011

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because...

Students must vote during the Students’ election because… they are forced to do so. :P Well, that was actually my case, honestly. Hehehehe. I think if I wasn’t forced to vote during the Students’ election right after a certain class (information about this is withheld as to involve too many parties. :PP ) I wouldn’t vote at all. Anyways, that’s MY story. We are going to talk about THE topic. Not MY story. >XD

Proceeding on… I think, on a professional level, yes, students really should vote during a Students’ election. This is because the purpose of the students’ election is to select the rightful and most trusted students that will represent the majority of the students and form the Students’ Representative Council. If there is no one to vote, then there would be no such council! Even if a council was still to be formed, the members would definitely be elected in so many other ways, such as self-election, dictation and vetoed suggestions. This pretty much doesn’t reflect our democratic country.

Also, the Students’ Representative Council is, obviously, a representative of the students. Therefore, they are obliged to protect and help preserve the rights of the students. So do we want people who we don’t trust to protect our rights? For all I know, the wrong choice might lead us students to have our rights manipulated and thrown around. And I don’t like that. I don’t think anyone in their right minds would like that either. Hence, the logic choice is to wholly select someone or several individuals that we trust to help protect our rights.

So the bottom-line is, yes, students should vote during the Students’ election. It’s for our rights. Don’t complain about having extremely dirty toilets if you didn’t even do your part to select a person to protect our rights. VOTE, students! VOTE FOR YOUR RIGHTS! This is Nik Hisham and Afiq Hamdan from calling upon other students and himself to vote! (without being forced to do so! >XDD )

Till then, everyone! ;D

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