Monday, January 17, 2011

My Aspirations for the Year 2011

Hello, everyone! Thank you for spending the time to come to this newly-formed blog. As you have read in the title, this blog is based on the ramblings of 2 technical communication students! Anyways, if you find this blog appealing or has the possibility to entertain you more in future, >XP feel free to follow us! Alright, time to keep on reading!

Somehow, I got the second task of my technical communication class, to blog about 'My Aspirations for the Year 2011'. (Serves me right for doing this late. Afiq is lucky, yaw! :P ) Yeah, sounds exciting, huh? I hope so, for your sake. Hahaha. Well, lets start off with the definition of 'aspiration'. Aspiration in context of what we will be talking about is:
  • a will to succeed
  • ambition: a cherished desire
But in other terms and context, aspiration could also mean:
  • a manner of articulation involving an audible release of breath
  • inhalation: the act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing
(source taken from

which we will not be talking about, since these definition is 'not in context' to what my tech. comm. lecturer wants us to discuss about. :P Also, just in case you all are still confused about what 'aspiration' is, to put it simply, it's hope or ambition. Still don't get it? Join my tech. comm. class. :PP

Thus, continuing on with the blog, what I aspire for this year, huh... I hope to improve my CGPA, or my exam results. I really hope to do well, and my concentration to achieve this goal to be unwavering. Therefore, to achieve that, I think I must:

I must 'WORK HARD & BE NICE TO PEOPLE'. :D Because even if we work hard, but are introverts and do not help other people who needs our help, then we'll be going nowhere. You can't gain success alone, and even if you do, your success will not hold any meaning since you won't be able to share it with other people. And that pretty much 'sucks', according to common language nowadays. (Please do not ask me the meaning of 'sucks' in this context, do your own research.) To put it simply, let us all work hard and be nice to people at the same time. I really want good exam results! I want to make everyone who knows me proud! My family, my friends, my financial sponsors... (not just MARA, you know. :P ) I will work really hard for it! Go, go, go NIK HISHAM! ROAAARRR! 4.0 for GPA this is semester is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

But also learn to relax, ok? Please don't take it too seriously like this:

I think that's enough rambling for one post. My lecturer will be checking this post, you know. You're not the only one reading it. She says it should be 'not too short or too long'. :P So there. (It's not that I'm lazy or anything, but to be honest, I'm pretty stumped of ideas this morning. Probably because I haven't had my breakfast yet. :P I do have other hopes, but in the meantime, lets just stick to what we always hear about. :PP ) Thank you so much for your time. Till we meet again in the next post, stay tuned! :D

p/s: I don't know what my friend's, Afiq, aspiration is for this year. :P Ask him yourself. Be polite!


  1. Mic: checked. Pom-pom: checked. 1,2,3 (here goes nothing): Go, go, go NIK HISHAM! ROAAARRR


    *cough* :)