Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello, everyone! We meet again in this blog! This week, we were given the task to write about 1 free topic and another guided topic, which went by the question, 'what would you do if you had all the power in the world?' But it looks like my friend Afiq had the topic first before me! Never fear, though... I still have some aces, or should I say topics, up my sleeve! So enough waiting... this week I'll be showing you all a sample of an essay. Not just any essay, it will be a guided essay! ;) Here's the questions for that essay:

[Start of questions.]
You have been nominated as a SIFE student ambassador for your university. So let us know:

1) What kind of contribution and efforts you have done for your team and SIFE?
2) What other contributions that you can offer if you are selected as the student ambassador?
[End of questions.]

Hence, here is a sample essay on how I answered those questions:

[Start of sample essay.]
Hello, my name is Nik Hisham bin Nik Ismail Azlan and I’m from the Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology (UniKL MICET) SIFE team. I am currently one of the Program Managers of the team.

First of all, you have asked me what I have done for my university’s SIFE team. Let me be honest with SIFE Malaysia. I’m only in my second semester here and as you may have guessed, I am a new member. However, that does not mean my contribution is proportional with my fresh participation. As soon as I was accepted as a member of my university’s SIFE team, I was involved in the current Orang Asli project, where I was able to share my ideas like how to approach the orang asli and such, based from my experience. (I will explain more about my past experiences at the end of this essay, as I don’t want to digress.) I was also involved in the field trip to the orang asli’s village for both research and data collecting, and execution of projects. Recently, (near the end of the last semester, to be exact.) my university’s SIFE team organized ‘Techno Day’ which is similar to an ‘Open Day’, and was participated by the university’s students. It was successful and is now recognized by the university to be held annually. I was in charge of the organization and students’ participation. Now, as I have explained to you previously, I have been given task of succeeding and continuing the Orang Asli project and currently planning out everything we will be carrying out this semester with my newly elected committee.

For your next question, which is ‘what other possible contributions that I can give if elected a student ambassador’ is that, to put it simply, I can pretty much do almost everything and therefore contribute a lot of things. I don’t mean this in a prideful or boastful manner, but by personality, I like to try new things. I have done so many exciting things in my life, from jungle trekking alone to being a promoter for my friend’s uncle’s tuition services during the holidays, stuff that normal people wouldn’t even bother to do. To be honest, why I’m saying all these things instead of directly answering your question about ‘what I can contribute’ is because I can’t possibly imagine what I can contribute to SIFE Malaysia, as I’m not clear about what you people want at the moment! But be rest assured, I am prepared to be molded into anything, and I am prepared to contribute as much as SIFE Malaysia deems possible. I am willing to learn new things, and volunteer for anything that help makes this world a better place.

Which is why (in reference to my last sentence in the previous paragraph) I will now explain a bit about my past experience. I’m sorry, I know SIFE Malaysia didn’t ask for this part, but I’ll make sure it won’t be a waste of your time to read this. Since secondary school, I have been very interested in lending aid to people both inside and outside my community. I have dreamed to make the world a better place despite all the damage and misery that is being done. My recent highest participation in humanitarian aid (international level) is a humanitarian aid project held at Jogjakarta, Indonesia, which was done during my foundation study years. The project was called ‘FISH FOR LIFE 3’. Progressing on, that is how I came to join my university’s SIFE team. In the early days before my participation, I saw SIFE as an organization that helps people in many terms and ways, be it financially, educationally or physically. That is why I chose to join my university’s SIFE team. As time passes by, I learned that it also teaches me about business and economy, which is a big bonus for me, being a chemical engineering undergraduate. Nonetheless, it hasn’t deterred my motive of helping and lending aid to others. I really look forward to what I can contribute to the world on a larger scale and being a student ambassador for SIFE Malaysia would be a very good stepping stone.

Thank you very much.
[End of sample essay.]

So there we have it! If you have any inquiries and comments about my sample essay, please feel free to PM me or use the comment box below. Also, let me remind you that the article above is copyrighted to me and legal actions will be taken in case it is misused. That's all for this week, folks! Till next week, stay tuned! :D

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