Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If i could rule the world...i would..

if i could rule the world..i would... many things i want to do if i really have the power to rule the world...
both of good n bad idea have in my head right now...hehe..
but for sure i will rule the world only with the good things..
first of all...i will sweep away all the meaningless war,civil war or any kind of war from the surface of our beloved planet... EARTH!!
could you all imagine the world without war??
the world without conflict...
the world without blood spill..
the world without starving...
the world without disease cause from bio weapon..
the world without hatred...
the world full with love, full with kindness, full with care..

owh...if all of them can really exist in this world..
the korean will not be divided by two idealisme and will be known just as Korea not South Korea and North Korea like now..
and kids at Somalia may go to school and become a doctor..
and each youngsters at Palestine may have a laptop rather than carry an AK47 on their shoulder..
and also peoples at Afghanistan and Iraq can sleep well at night without worrying their house will be bomb by B21..

war did not bring any good to the world....the benefit is only goes for the one who start the war..but believe me..this kind of person is really a coward person..they will  ask their soldier go to the war zone and fight for themand tell them that they are fighting for a justice and them will sit at their table n eat luxurious dinner with their stingy corporate friends who sponsored the war. While their soldier are dying,hungy, and  have to kill or be killed just want to survive at the world's hell that been created by their animal like leader they toast a whiskey for every one of their soldier are killed..

what a nonsense scenario...really..if i have the power to rule the world..i will stop all the war, banned all the weapons and declare truce to all over the world... i will make this world become more discrimination, races hatred, starving, fear, and many more that make the world become weak...we are HUMAN..we are the CHOOSEN ONE to rule the least...we should behave to be like a true ruler..i will lead all the human to the new era where all the human are same..are equal..have the same right..and then..we will see the world that only exist in our dream become a reality in front of our own eyes..believe me..and world will become a heaven once more...hehe


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